Mark had a vision for a World Class Sand Sculpture Event, here in Weymouth, the birthplace of British sand sculpture. His friend David Hicks shared his vision and brought along a passion for sculpture and a wealth of business experience, together with Mark's family, SandWorld continues to amaze and inspire generations of visitors!


They are both passionate about sculpture and the versatility of sand as a medium to express art. Having worked with the best Sand Sculptors in the World, they were inspired to bring a showcase of their talent locally, for everyone to enjoy. It has taken a couple of years of planning and searching for a place to build Sandworld. When the site was found it was derelict and overgrown. However, in 2 short months, 75 lorry loads of sand, the hard work of some incredible tradesmen and the talent that only the world’s best sand sculptures can deliver, the site is transformed into a showcase of towering sand creations. We hope you will visit and experience this unique sand sculpture park…and what you see will encourage your own creativity.


Mark Anderson

Mark took over the Weymouth sea front exhibition from his tutor and grandfather, Fred Darrington, which 90 years later continues to enchant visitors with amazing sand creations. He is a World Class Sand Sculptor Master and has exhibited and competed throughout the world.

Co Founder

David Hicks

David is a local businessman and entrepreneur with a background in construction. He was inspired to become involved in the world of sand sculpting following a visit to the Presepe di Sabbia in Jesolo where his good friend Mark was working in 2005. He subsequently became involved with Mark in 2006.

1910 - 2002


For nearly 70 summers, Fred delighted visitors to Weymouth with his life-sized models. On display, to name a few - were pyramids and sphinxes, depictions of the Last Supper, a group of monkeys cheating at poker and bowls of fruit on display. Fred was famous for adding colour to his sculptures, bringing them to life. 

Guest Reviews

Open daily from 10.30am